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¡Outwrite! Communications was established in 2003 by Carl Michener, former ad exec and longtime copywriter. Our team consists of freelance consultants who are really good at what they do: ideation, strategy, design, SEO/SEM, social media, video and more. We work with clients in tech, food/beverage, professional services, communications, finance, manufacturing, not-for-profit and other verticals. We develop innovative ideas and campaigns that build resonance, change minds and result in better engagement.

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client voices
Martin Rydlo, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Town of Collingwood  
Martin Rydlo
“If you are looking for a content strategist that takes it from high level plans to working the copy, coordinating videos and making sure the strategy is implemented effectively, then look no further.”

Ville Murtojärvi, VP Creative Excellence, ID BBN (Finland) 
Ville Murtojarvi
“Carl is an exceptionally good concept designer and copywriter who I have had the pleasure to work with on several projects for our international clients, like Kone and F-Secure. Highly recommended!”

Scott Armstrong, Partner, Brainrider B2B
Scott Armstrong
“Smart guy, great writing, fabulous resource. Carl is a go-to guy for our content development team. Digital, technical and thorough, Carl gets it.”

Our Core Team

Carl Michener
Carl Michener

Carl is a content strategist, writer and marketing professional. He has worked within marketing departments, in advertising, and now heads up ¡Outwrite! Born and bred in Toronto, educated in Montréal, Carl now calls Collingwood home—the ideal location for this gravity and silent sports aficionado.

Marcus Kihn
Marcus Kihn

Marcus is an art director who turns strategy into engagement in every medium—from TV spots to dynamic UI interfaces, animated corporate videos, websites and more. He’s also a talented musician. Check out his tunes here.

Stefan Somborac
Stefan Somborac

Stefan is a digital marketer and self-confessed computer nerd who has a passion for marketing analysis and automation. A compulsive statistician, he measures results and points the way to online marketing optimization. He’s also big into snowboarding and fly fishing.