Content Marketing that Helps You Sell

Small-to-medium-sized businesses typically struggle with marketing. Hiring on a dedicated marketing person is rarely in the budget. We can help you build a content marketing program that builds preference and helps you sell.

We Create
  • Content strategies
  • Sales emails
  • LinkedIn presence
  • Articles & blogs
  • Video scripts
  • White papers
  • Thought leadership papers
  • Annual reports
  • Online training materials
  • Executive briefs
  • Lots of other stuff!
  • Websites
  • Ebooks

How it Works

1. Consult with us

Tell us about your business, your product and your ambitions. We’ll quickly find out what makes you great. 

2. Develop a MEssaging Plan

Most businesses have a marketing plan. What you need is a messaging, contact and conversion plan. That’s what we’ll build for you. We have a methodology for clarifying your value proposition and building the messaging that’s going to win the day.  

3. Put it into high gear

Your website, marketing emails, blog posts, articles, Instagram posts, Facebook announcements, a robust LinkedIn presence and search engine marketing—these are all possible components in a system built specifically for your business. It’s like building blocks: we start with the basics.  Once your website and other key components are up to speed, we will flip the switch and start generating leads. 

4. Turn leads into sales

Watch as your marketing engine makes sales happen day-by-day and month-by-month.

Sample Content Marketing Program

The program we build for you will be customized to your business type, needs and goals.
This is an example of how we work:

Baseline Audit marketing assets & activities
Market scan, value prop & positioning Position you favourably against competitors
Sales process Identify & remove sales roadblocks
Program building
Develop messaging Establish your new brand voice
Messaging mix Prioritize actions according to need: do you need new web copy or are you screaming for social media? There’s a vast choice of mediums—we need to prioritize them for your business
Content calendar Decide what we’re going to talk about, and when
Create content Build the written/video/image-based assets you need
Program execution
Create regular content & campaigns Imagine & create marketing content
Optimize tools Analyze & adjust the mix of tools & frequencies
Ongoing web focus Optimize website attraction through content/SEO/SEM