Engagement Rock Stars

Content marketing campaigns put ADP HR consulting services on the map.

Creative Concepts + Planning + Copywriting.

ADP, a well-known payroll services supplier, was less well known for HR consulting—a growth area for the company. ADP Canada realized that quality content had a big role to play in creating awareness and generating demand. At the time, catchphrases ‘employee engagement’ and ‘inspired workplace’ were coming into vogue. They both promised to reduce churn, increase company spirit and deliver better work results.
Working with a Toronto agency, we planned and wrote a complete suite of thought leadership content. The idea was to build preference and pave the way for ADP’s new focus on HR consulting, specifically around engagement. This included Top-of-Funnel social media and sales awareness email campaigns; Middle-of-Funnel eBooks, Engagement Rock Stars and Getting to Inspired, among other resources; and Bottom-of-Funnel HR workplace evaluations.
The campaign, notably the eBooks, were so well received that ADP USA picked up our ADP Canada content, adapting the materials for their own campaign. The organization ultimately generated a lift in consulting-specific interest and put itself firmly on the map of HR consulting service providers in North America.