A Naming Exercise

Premiumize the Breezer line; create all-new ready-to-drink cocktail categories.

Creative Concepts + Copywriting.

The Bacardi Breezer once dominated the ready-to-drink category in markets around the world. To bolster marketshare, Bacardi decided that it needed to premiumize Breezer drinks, as well as introduce new lines.
Working with a Toronto agency, we dreamed up names for entirely new ready-to-drink categories (loose leaf teas, classic cocktails from around the world, music themed and location-specific, i.e. YYZ, YVR). We also came with names for new premium drinks within the venerable Bacardi Breezer line-up. Boards and draft packaging copy complemented the names.
Several of these drinks are now on the slate for the LCBO and Bacardi international (notably the UK) picked up on design, spirit and themes.