Return on Disability
Unleash Different

Taking it to the next level with a hard-hitting business book.

Strategy + Project Management + Copywriting.

Return on Disability is a consultancy owned and operated by Rich Donovan, a global expert on the convergence of disability and corporate profitability. Return on Disability had been doing quite well, but Rich wanted to take it to the next level.
Having worked with Rich for many years, we were asked us to plan and write a full-length business book ultimately called Unleash Different. The book tracks Rich’s trajectory from a school for the disabled to Columbia University, his rise as a trader at Merrill Lynch in New York, the launch of his disability-related ETF fund and more, while driving home the central premise of the book: treat disability as the world’s largest evolving market rather than with charity. At the same time, we sent out queries and found him a very good literary agent based in New York.
Return on Disability’s equity shot up and demand for Rich on the speaking circuit grew considerably. Consulting engagements are in higher demand and Unleash Different is quickly becoming part of the canon of disability literature worldwide. There is no doubt that the effort took Return on Disability to the next level.