Bell Enterprise Solutions
Business Insights

Creating preference with Bell’s flagship enterprise e-newsletter and white papers.

Planning + Project Management + Copywriting.

This e-newsletter was once the way that Canada’s top enterprise CTOs and CIOs kept up to date with the latest advances in telephony, convergence and data management. Bell’s Canadian enterprise services division used it to gain traction with large and medium organizations, to showcase its expertise and to communicate the breadth and depth of the services it offered.
Working at a Toronto agency, I took over newsletter content duties, which I managed for 2 ½ years. I took on all content generation duties, from interviewing SMEs to shepherding each article through approvals. I shifted the emphasis from pure long-form articles and Q&As to include self-evaluations resources, punchy Top 5 lists and, eventually, to extend our scope into Bell white papers.
Bell Business Insights’ unique open rates climbed on my watch and the Bell marketing team responsible was pleased with our work. They added over a dozen white papers, which I also planned, interviewed for and wrote.